Health & Medical Resources:

Doctors & Medical Professionals
(Including individuals and organizations championed by the Weston A. Price Foundation. Books and other resources available through Fields of Athenry Farm.)

Family Health

Alcoholism, Eating & Emotional Disorders (1) & Other Addictions/Conditions

  • The Health Recovery Center, Dr. Joan Mathews Larson, Minneapolis, MN  (
  • Dr. Natasha Cambpell-McBride, Ph.D., Cambridge, UK (, click here for a review of her book "Gut and Psychology Syndrome")
  • Maudsley Parents, a site for parents of eating disorder children, ( Maudsley's "family-as-team" approach for the eating disorder patient resonates with us, the diet suggested is not compatible with the long term recovery model in Dr. Natasha Campbell–McBride's "Gut and Psychology Syndrome" teachings; see this book Part 2, Section 6 "Eating Disorders".)
Health & Recovery (including Alcoholism, Emotional Disorders & Other Addictions/Conditions)

   – Cancer
  • Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D., individualized nutritional protocols (cancer and other diseases), New York, NY (
  • Dr. Thomas Cowin, Holistic Family Medicine, San Francisco, CA (
  – Rehab Centers
  • The Health Recovery Center, Dr. Joan Mathews Larson, Minneapolis, MN (
  • Caron Renaissance (addictive diseases and related disorders), Boca Raton, FL (
  • Sheppard Pratt Health System, Baltimore, MD "[a] ... not-for-profit behavioral health system, is dedicated to the improvement of quality of life in communities by serving the behavioral health and special education needs of individuals, families and organizations." (

Gluten & Ciliac Disease

Healthy Living Coaches & Reference Sites

  • Tara Rayburn, Fields of Athenry's Young Living Coach  (Tara's blog link). Ask us about your favorite Young Living Essential Oils
  • Monica Corrado, whole food chef and educator, here's the link for Monica's blog: Simply Being Well
  • Weston A. Price Foundation – our king of kings! The link:
  • Real Food Media – local connections to lots of intersting folks: www.RealFood
  • Farmer-to-Consumer Legal Defence Fund: "Defending the rights and broadening the freedoms of family farms and protecting consumer access to raw milk and nutrient dense foods." (


  • Mommypotamus ... a great website with recipes and one woman's journey towards family health:  (


(1) As referenced in the book "Gut & Psychology Syndrome," for eating disorders, one of the most immediate treatments available is to start the patient on nutrient-dense bone broths (see page 237).

This "Health & Medical Resources" page is the most important page I could ever share.  The reason for our Farm to Community Health Outreach. An opportunity to help those who do not know where to turn. To help those interested in understanding how to bypass the COSTLY wrong turns that our family took. We all need to lift each other up – patients and doctorsand learn how nutrition can change our lives for the positive ... and as a positive natural additive!
“I wish I knew then, what I know now.” Life brings us many challenges. And,  it was through my own family's experiences that my passion and mission evolved. As a mother of five children (three grown, two still at home) I wish I had had access to even half of this information as part of my parenting handbook. Through the necessity of understanding the brain and out of medical desperation I began a journey that has brought me a wealth of knowledge of which I am only beginning to scrape the surface. My wish is that every mother and father read and re-read any parts of any one of these resources. The hardest part of my journey looking back was: Where do I go? Who do I trust?  What is the right course of action in a world where a family member is desperately ill and no one really seems to have the answers? When I feel I am the "crazy one" and the "they" we turn to do not produce any answers better than our own. I moved on to the next miracle worker and the next – until my pockets were empty. Then came the "When do I take responsibility for my choices and strike out outside the norm?"
With this resource list and this website, I will share only what I know from firsthand knowledge. Any foods (or lack of) that prevent a healthy soul, body and mind is most likely from the phenomenon I call the “insidious quietness” going on in our bodies and in our brains, as year after year poor nutrition creeps in and depletes us – insidiously and without a sound. Pursuing any of the resources here will help you take preventative measures, and understand the importance of nutrition to the ever changing body through all stages of life – infancy, youth, middle-age and elderly.
I can tell you it has been years since my two youngest children took antibiotics, asthma or allergy meds, something our house was (ashamedly!) full of.  Most of which I view now – and many of us now understand – as disruptors and disease creators in our brains. A proven cause of depression associated with the intake of these meds.  We need our clinical doctors, we need our nutrition, we need to work together in our journey.
Prior to one of our daughters' brain surgery for Cushing’s Disease – and during and after someone near and dear to my heart was fighting another type of  body/brain disturbance, the almighty eating disorder – I was scared and fascinated all at the same time. I could not help but start to draw parallels from one brain to another.  From Cushing’s disease, to hormone imbalances, anorexia, bulimia, alcoholism, drug dependencies, depression, ADHD, autism, cancer, diabetes – the lists goes on.
Each listing here is one with which I have firsthand knowledge – through direct conversation, through usage and practice in my own life, or through conferences where I heard these individuals and organizations speak or through reading their books and putting their wisdom into practice.
It is my wish that all families come back together around the dinner table, slow down, breath, eat, drink and be merry as God Intended. It is my mission to provide meats and food products that have been raised free ranging, and free of antibiotics, hormones, chemicals and pesticides - to nourish our minds, bodies and souls as God Intended. It is my wish to share in encouragement and understanding where I found none. It is my wish to help through these resources to educate and provide to you information that can help you now if in the midst of a crisis ... or prevent now and provide a healthy loving family.
Elaine Boland, Owner, Fields of Athenry Farm
P.S. I want to thank two children whose initials just happen to be the same – "CB" - for the courage to fight. Because of you I have finally finished the beginning of many resources to come.